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Lighting Ideas for Your Home

There are many ways in which you can update the look of your home with a small budget. 

Whether you want uniform lighting in a room, or if you want to use lighting to decorate your home, you have several options.  You can also combine accent lighting with ambient if you want a functional, yet beautiful space to have the two options.

track lighting

Track lights would cast ambient light around the whole room.  It is useful in kitchens and areas where you need good lighting.  Nowadays there are options for LED track lights that would help reduce the amount of power used and help with your electric bill.  There are many designs and options where you can get long straight track light to short ones with funky wavy designs.

recessed lightsRecessed lighting would help light up a room with diffused lights that, if placed in the right places can cast great ambient lighting.  Be prepared to install 4 or can or recessed lights to achieve the right amount of light is a room.  The addition of a dimmer for these lights would help you with the correct ambient lighting at different times of the day.  These canned lights can measure between 2 and 9 inches, depending on your needs.  Their look is very subtle, since they recess into the ceiling.  One let down is that for the first light you will need to go through the attic to run electrical for it, and from there, it is connected to the rest of the lights.  These lights can be installed without attic access, but there would still be a need to cut drywall to be able to run power to them. 

Chandeliers can be as simple or intricate as you may want them.  Whether you want a classic or modern look, they come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and styles to tie the style of your home to lighting.  Chandeliers are best installed on higher ceilings, with a chain, so it makes the best fixture for vaulted ceilings.  Depending on their design, they may provide ambiance or accent lighting

Pendant lights can be installed over an island, or at a breakfast bar to provide Accent spot lighting.  They are mainly meant as decoration, but it may accent a room along with canned lights to provide ambiance lighting.  Pendant light fixtures usually are installed in 3 or more lights to provide the right feel and look.  They can be installed in a straight line, staggered, or in a slope.   These light can have either incandescent or LED bulbs, depending on how much light you would want them to cast.  In the latest trends Edison Light Bulbs are used to give pendant lights a classic, timeless appearance.  They usually cast a light amber light.  While Edison Bulbs do not cast much light, they do create elegant accent lighting.

Sconce lights, just like chandeliers, could be as subtle or elaborate as you want.  They are usually ambient or accent lights installed on the wall to illuminate hallways and home entrances, by front or back doors, or over a vanity in the bathroom.  They can be as classic or as modern as you’d like them to be, and would accent your decor.  And just like pendant lights, using Edison or LED Light Bulbs would change the way light is cast from these fixtures, depending on what you want to achieve.

String lighting with Edison light bulbs can add accent and ambiance lighting to a patio, gazebo, or backyard. They usually come in 25 ft strings.  You may have one string or several.  Just beware of the charge you may be putting on a particular electrical outlet, since these don’t usually require power run to a specific location.  The string can be green, white, or black.   Most people choose to hide cords and outlets to make the look more seamless.

Ceiling fans with lights are a good combo for hot and cold days, here in Arizona.  The light provides a good deal of ambiance lighting, while the fan provides air circulation to make effective use of your A/C or Evap Cooler.  They can pull air down or up, depending on the season.  By using LED bulbs on these fixtures, it will save more in your electric bill, without compromising lighting.  These can be as simple or detailed as possible.  There are also  different sizes depending on the room when they would be installed with options for down rods, amount of lights, designs and finishes, as well as options for indoor and outdoor ceiling fans.  If you do have a ceiling fan and would like a light on it, there are Ceiling Fan Light Kits that you can purchase to add to an existing ceiling fan.

Installing any of these lights can be really easy.  But if you are not confident dealing with electrical or stepping on a ladder, Eli The Handyman can assist you in installing any light fixtures.  Contact us today to get a free estimate via email or phone and for availability.

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